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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama Bikes WTF?

Animal Link

"There's only 20 days left until Election Day but the race is still far from over. To keep the momentum moving forward and promote the candidate offering a more progressive energy policy for the future than that frightening cackle of "Kill, baby, kill" "Drill, baby, drill," ANIMAL brought Geekhouse bike builder Marty Walsh together with pattern reworking genius Dan Funderburgh to create this ONE OF A KIND ObamaBike. The hand-built track cycle was put up for auction on on eBay beginning today, with proceeds benefitting Barack Obama's victory fund. The fixed gear masterpiece measures 55cm, sports a curved seat tube, custom sublimated graphics on the Geekhouse Custom 'Rockcity' frame/fork, and Velocity Deep V wheelset, plus an exclusive 'Obama Chainring' logo on the front. It comes race-ready with a nice selection of parts (Thomson Steam and Post, SDG Saddle, Tioga Headset, Sugino Messenger Cranks/Chainring, MKS Sylvan Track Pedals/Clips, Continental tires). Close-ups and details of the carbon footprint reducing mode of transportation below. UPDATE: sold for $1425. "

Another Animal Link

"In an effort to promote Thundervote.com, a campaign aimed at motivating "lazy ass" 18-35 year-old tastemakers on Election Day, vinyl toy designing auteur Tristan Eaton, partnered up with Barack Obama and the candidate's youth marketing agency, SS+K, to create this over the top fixie. Unlike the more subtly branded ObamaBike we put up for auction and sold, this one's slightly more predictable flashy with its riser bars, Obama logo'd rear disk, Aerospoke front rim, and custom lefty graphics. Had Obama been an old school BMX brand, this would have actually meshed perfectly with those Trackstar x DQM track bikes. We're not sure how they're going about giving this baby away, but whoever wins it better be damn confident about backing the Democratic candidate—especially if the polls are wrong. Jump for a close-up.">

Van and Fixed Gear London 'Collabo'

"Fixedgearlondon was founded by Andy and Ted in 2005, riding fixed has since become our lives – and more. This frame is the first that Ted has built from scratch and is Fixedgearlondons’ interpretation of what a Vans fixed gear bike should be like."

Image by GregFalski©

Looks like it cut through the darkness, burn churches and stab people to death. I want it.

Fuck 650c I'm getting a 405b


This wheel comes with its own service manual...

Sugino were just being assholes with this one.What the fuck guys?

Saw it over at Riding in Circle

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Videos of the day [fucking sick seattle]

Funday #2 from Laali on Vimeo.

Toronto Track Tricks from Tom Mosher on Vimeo.

2 tricks today at de young from Matthew Rice on Vimeo.

Positive Approach! A new store in Buffalo!

These are some crucial times!

From Delicious Fixicious">

"Hey guys. So what seemed to be a wild plan to open up a store/ custom screen print shop (one of many over these months) is quickly becoming scary real and serious. It is probably one of the most exciting things in my life. I suddenly realize how important it is to make this happen. It has way too much potential to be successful to not happen. The point of the story and relation to posting this update on a bike blog is that this was mainly influenced by the FAST FRIDAY video. Dustin's (owner Cadence Clothing) success in the Seattle bicycle scene is very beneficial. With full DIY mentality in play, this shop will be based around positive living, bikes, and green life. I will keep you updated. Stay tuned. Love, Joe "

This is going to be so tight!

Positive Approach

From Charlie:

"Check out the first shirt Joe and I have put together for the Ridden/ Delicious Fixicious Line. You will be able to pick one of these up at the store Positive Approach we are opening up at 611 Elmwood."

Stay tuned!

New Blog! Delicious Fixicious

Joe Charlie and Steve have set up a sick new blog dedicated to fixed gear riding here in Buffalo.

Sick Fix Pix

Local Rider Charlie Reinagel takes some rad shots of our crew of riders here in the queen city.

Check em out:

Filming Joe

Joe Wall Bunk

Joey P Car Tap


Joe about to get some air

Bill wheelie grab

Matt Skitch

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Messenger Appreesh

Messenger Appreciation Day

I'm gonna be in town for this! SICK!

Text via Prolly

Ugalde delivers another dope flier!

Come on out and appreciate yourself and/or nyc bike messengers!!

Looking for a beer sponsor (Victor!?) and will be doing some fundraising at the party to benefit The New York Bike Messenger Foundation 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Stop by Father Demo Square during the day or go to the party that night!

We will have cool merch for sale and possibly a raffle!

Also some friendly competition courtesy of Goldsprints NYC