Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nice rack(s).

And check out that aesthetically pleasing ride next to one. Design and fixed gear culture are quite locked up with one another.

In the NYTimes.

Morning...Err... Afternoon - Fixpatrix

They ain't too pretty looking, but damn does Dre kill it.

In other news, Bill and I shot some tests for a fixed video. God save the Queen.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Queen City Velodrome

From Buffalo Rising

This Sunday, a I'll be heading up to London, Ontario with some other folks to research the inner-workings of the Forest City velodrome. Forest City has become a destination unto itself, with cyclists coming from hundreds of miles around to test out the track on a regular basis. Some developers in Buffalo have been discussing what to do with upwards of 20,0000 square feet of available warehouse space in Black Rock.

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I'm for this project one hundred percent. I'm concerned though with the amount of space. The forest city velodrome is the smallest in the world, which makes it extremely exciting to ride on, but I don't think it would make sense to make one that is much smaller.

As long as there is space, this would make buffalo one of the destinations in the northeast for competitive track racing in the U.S. It would help revamp Buffalo's once thriving cycling community.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seriously, Fuck you.

nb - Keo Spin 1440° from nb on Vimeo.

Listen kids, Clean Those Dirty Chains

Japanese Kerin Racer Style

The anal retentive obsessive compulsive in me just jumped for joy.

Scavenger Hunt Race Recap

It was a beautifully humid day out. The race was held in the elmwood village neighborhood of buffalo, beggining and ending at Campus Wheelworks. It was well put together and super fun. Checkpoints included performing tasks such as hula hooping, racing around Hoyt Lake, answering vocabulary questions, charades, and riding a tall bike. There were all sorts of items spray painted gold, yellow, silver, or red that riders received points for finding. There were also a slew of miscellaneous objects including a giant Bart Simpson doll, a photo with local celebrity [homeless?] woman "mean" Jean, a dime bag, and a Wu-Tang Killah Bee. There were also a number of points for "price Checks" on Elmwood, "Plaque Rubbings" pertaining to buffalo History. After the points were tallied my partner Steve and I got 3rd Place, Andrew's Team got 2nd, and Jo and Steve's team got 1st. Prizes included free admission to two shows put on by Supernaut Booking for third place, a giant basket of chocolate and other gaurmet foods for 2nd, and $30 gift certificates from Campus Wheelworks for 1st place.

There was barbequed burgers and dogs, foursquare, and beer at the afterparty up in riverside.

Manifest Front

Manifest Back




Friday, September 26, 2008

Seven One Fixed First Night

We had a bunch of new riders. People were had a great time chilling, throwing down tricks, destroying tires and we set up a few sprints. These photos were taken after about 6 or so folks left.

Check out the flickr






Interbike Day One & Two Via Urban Velo

Check out the first and second day's photos. Beautiful stuff.

Some of my favorites:

I'm really feeling Affinity cycles new stuff.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fixed Gear Tire Wear- From Urban velo

Thanks Urban Velo

Skid patch numbers are a concern unique to fixed gear bikes, where the horizontal position of the pedals lines up with a fixed number of tire/ground contact patches. The fun of leaving a skid mark comes with a price, namely increased tire wear. Logically, it makes sense to spread the skid wear across the surface of the entire tire for maximum tread lifespan. This is where skid patches come in.

The number of skid patches is determined by the given gear ratio and is easy to calculate. Assuming you skid with the same foot forward each time, it is the denominator of the reduced fraction of the gear ratio, starting with the number of chainring teeth as the numerator. In other words, a 48x18 ratio would be 48/18, reduced to 8/3, yielding 3 skid patches. 48x17 doesn’t reduce further, and has 17 skid spots. The rare rider who skids equally often with either foot forward can double their skid patches with ratios that reduce to fractions with odd numbers in both slots.

Practically speaking, once the number of skid patches enters the double digits you’re in the clear as far as tire wear is concerned. The single digit combinations shown in the chart below are the ones to avoid. It is a foul sentence handed down by the bicycle powers that be that a vast number of complete fixed gear bicycles come equipped with a 48x16 or 48x18 gear ratio, sending many tires to an early grave. Choose wisely, or forever rotate your tires.

Tha Magazine Article can be found here


Macaframa from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Buffalo Fixed Gear Riding, Tricks, Skids, and Fun. Every Thursday Night at 7.


Also: Don't Forget About the Scavenger Hunt Race This Saturday 9/27/2008

Scavenger Hunt Race

Meet: Noon at Campus Wheelworks
$6 per team of two [solo riders also welcome]

Monday, September 22, 2008


This blog is dedicated to fixed gear culture in Buffalo, NY. We are putting Buffalo's rich cycling history on the map while spreading knowledge in the 716 about events, products, rides etc.

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