Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Race Recap

It was a beautifully humid day out. The race was held in the elmwood village neighborhood of buffalo, beggining and ending at Campus Wheelworks. It was well put together and super fun. Checkpoints included performing tasks such as hula hooping, racing around Hoyt Lake, answering vocabulary questions, charades, and riding a tall bike. There were all sorts of items spray painted gold, yellow, silver, or red that riders received points for finding. There were also a slew of miscellaneous objects including a giant Bart Simpson doll, a photo with local celebrity [homeless?] woman "mean" Jean, a dime bag, and a Wu-Tang Killah Bee. There were also a number of points for "price Checks" on Elmwood, "Plaque Rubbings" pertaining to buffalo History. After the points were tallied my partner Steve and I got 3rd Place, Andrew's Team got 2nd, and Jo and Steve's team got 1st. Prizes included free admission to two shows put on by Supernaut Booking for third place, a giant basket of chocolate and other gaurmet foods for 2nd, and $30 gift certificates from Campus Wheelworks for 1st place.

There was barbequed burgers and dogs, foursquare, and beer at the afterparty up in riverside.

Manifest Front

Manifest Back




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