Friday, November 21, 2008

Monster Bike

Thanks Sean!

Check out this killer tank of a fixed gear. I saw something like this a while ago but this one is different.

"This is my latest build, I wanted to make bike to have fun in snow and soft sand. Bike is also fun for tricks and small city rides. Bike is not very light but that was not point of this bike anyway. Pursuit style frame and forks are home made out of recyled material. Idea of bike came from those 80mm rigida rims what I won from one bicycle building competition. Tires are Nokian Gazzaloddi's, size is 24x3". Rear hub is NOS Phillips fix-fix from 50's. Front hub is alloy drum brake, I wanted to have brake because of weight of bike, but actually its not really important. Handle bar is home cut bull horn whit black grip. Seat is old leather one. Rear cog I needed to make by my self because of wide tyres, it has 23 tooth. Front sprocket is 46, so gear ratio is 1:2."

More pics you find from my site


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