Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Deep V's? B-43!

From Prolly

"We are working hard on getting this rim to market. If all goes as planned, they should be readily available this spring. It is called the B43, because it is 43mm tall, making it 1mm taller than our very worthy and formidable competition.

It's hard to compare it to the Deep V. The B43 will be heavier than the Deep V, it's hard to say how much yet.

As for multiple drillings of the B43, we do plan on that, you guys doing tricks have been evolving and you're at the point now where you are doing some rather insane manuevers. We were not thinking of going down to a 28h though. Less spokes is usually indicitive of some one wanting light weight, the B43 will not be light.

It is a work in progress, we have actually received two different batches of extrusion and we are not quite satisfied yet. We are seriously considering modifying the design again and making the B43 wider. Can you imagine a 43mm tall rim by 24mm wide with 48 holes?!?! I'd say that would be just about bullet proof.

We definitely plan on doing a variety of drillings, at least 32h, 36h, and 48h. 650c will happen eventually. A variety of colors too. While they won't be the lightest rim on the planet, they shouldn't be a boat anchor either. The final product should be somewhere between 710 to 730 grams. We could make it lighter, but durability is our main concern.

As for price, it looks like we'll at least be competitive. Making good rims is not a cheap endeavor, sure we could source them out and have them made in China, but that would be selling out in my opinion."

From Velocity USA

"THE NEW B-43 COMING May OF '09 :We've heard what people were asking for and it’s exactly this. We started developing this rim about 2 months ago, doing some research, talking to you and hearing what you had to say. The next step was convincing our main man Tom Black, el presidente and rim roller for Velocity Australia to take up the challenge. He stepped to the plate and got right on it. He had to re-outfit our manufacturing facility with new rollers, and drills, all while in the process of moving into their brand new facility. Its going to be a triple walled rim to make it bomb proof, nuke proof, which is why we named it the B43, after a Nuclear Warhead, and the city it is made in. We were going to call it the Brisbane 43, because the aluminum is mined there, extruded into the form of a rim, then hand rolled, drilled, and anodized/powder coated in Brisbane Australia. Brisbane is the home of some of the best Aluminum mines in the world, some of the hardest workers and our world headquarters hence the name the B43. And so there you have it."

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